Automated Solutions

Marine Solutions

The best-in-class technology and close working relationship you expect. The elegant, connected lifestyle your clients demand. The one company that understands both and delivers on it.

Automated Solutions creates the contemporary solution for the modern luxury superyacht. From flawless control and distribution of audio and video, to seamless integration of lighting, shades, climate, and navigation systems, we provide an elegant, connected lifestyle of comfort and convenience at anchor, in the marina, or at sea.

Automated Solutions is the only company that designs, manufactures, and supports the full spectrum of marine systems in one all-encompassing system.

Optimize the viewing experience with one tap, whether watching cable TV, streaming a movie, or playing a game. And always in the latest, best image quality available.

Combine dimming and color-tuning to provide the perfect ambiance in every room and space.

Control everything onboard in style and with just a tap. Choose from a wide variety of control devices featuring the most stunning designs in the industry.

Enjoy the peace of mind that comes with enterprise-grade security for the entire AV and control system, plus the ability to control security and remotely monitor CCTV.

Distribute different music to different areas of the vessel at audiophile sound quality.

Maximize comfort in every room and space across the vessel with absolute ease of control.

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